With COVID-19 still a raging health concern, we need to protect ourselves from this virus by strengthening our immune system in as many ways as we can.

One of the best immunity boosters is our daily dose of Vitamin C.

We get our Vitamin C from many fruits and vegetables.

When these sources are not available, however, we can take food supplements that contain Vitamin C.

But before we take just any Vitamin C supplement, we have to make sure that it is one that is most beneficial to our wellbeing.

Now, when combined with calcium, Vitamin C becomes even more potent.

Together, Vitamin C and calcium form calcium ascorbate, a formulation that gets rid of the acidity of pure Vitamin C.

This is essentially what Calcium Cee is made of. That is why it is safe to take even on an empty stomach while still providing the benefits of both of these nutrients.

This formulation also makes it safe to take in higher doses, especially for those who really need the extra vitamins.

Calcium Cee is a very good source of Vitamin C that fortifies our immune system.

Taken regularly with Vitamin C-rich food, Calcium Cee shields us from viruses and helps to keep us healthy and strong every day.

Calcium Cee is available at Mercury Drug ( and Watson’s ( For more details, visit Calcium Cee on Facebook: Or call Calcium Cee hotline: 09175642233.

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