“We should provide a healthy and supportive environment for persons with autism. Inclusion,

awareness, and appreciation – all of those, start at home.” – Edmundo Las, Managing Director

of Eurotel Hotels.

As part of this year’s celebration of the Philippine National Autism Consciousness Week, Eurotel

Hotel joined the almost 25,000 attendees of the annual Angels Walk for Autism 2020, held last

January 26 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City.

Employees both from the Eurotel Corporate office and its hotel branches were gathered

together along with various sectors of the society – families, professionals, private companies,

schools, local government units, and advocates from NGOs.


As part of the program, persons with autism in all ages showcased their singing, dancing, and

hosting prowess. Some of them were also given special awards in the field of arts, sports, and

information technology. Afterward, the program was followed by a fun-filled parade.

Angels Walk started in 2007, which has been organized by the Autism Society Philippines (ASP)

and SM Cares that aim to raise awareness and promote acceptance, accommodation, and

appreciation of persons with autism.

In support of this, Eurotel Hotel has been an advocate in establishing social awareness and

promoting acceptance for people with autism through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

program, Eurotel REACH.

Apart from it are programs on encouraging a supportive environment that will enable persons

with autism to live independently with dignity and respect.

“For almost six years, Eurotel Hotel has been an active supporter of Angels Walk. We have

programs that help and hire people with special needs. We believe that these persons have

their unique capabilities to share with and have a great contribution to our society. They are

part of the community that needs acceptance particularly in the workplace,” Mr. Las added.

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Eurotel Hotel is the only lodging chain in the Philippines having a distinct European theme with

Filipino-style of hospitality with 8 branches nationwide.


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