AKO-OFW Partylist Takes Active Role in OFW Conference, Urges Government Action

The AKO-OFW partylist played a significant role in a recent OFW Conference in BGC, Henry Sy Hall, Taguig City. The conference, attended by a diverse group of OFW organizations, government representatives, and stakeholders.

Dr. Chie Umandap, the founding chairman and first nominee of AKO-OFW, served as one of the panelists.

Dr. Umandap actively engaged in discussions surrounding the challenges and opportunities facing OFWs, highlighting the need for stronger government support and protection. The conference culminated in the adoption of a resolution urging the government to prioritize the active participation of OFW officers in government operations.

The resolution specifically calls for the implementation of policies that ensure the safety and well-being of OFWs, as well as the meaningful involvement of OFW officers in decision-making processes that directly impact their communities.

AKO-OFW’s active participation in the conference underscores its commitment to representing the interests of OFWs and advocating for their rights. The partylist continues to play a crucial role in promoting the welfare and empowerment of overseas Filipinos.

(By: Chuck Salapuddin)


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