Statement of gratitude

Statement of gratitude:
It is with great honor that I commend the media, lawmakers, social media influencers and other personalities for making a firm stand on, and for fighting for, the Filipinos’ freedom of expression, a basic freedom enshrined in the Philippine Constitution and in all the laws of the land.
For standing behind my cause against Meta’s suspension of my account.
Indeed, we shall allow no usurper to trample upon this basic Filipino right, inked by the very blood of our forefathers and scribed in the national soul.
Let this unanimous howl of protest serve as a warning to those who mistakenly think Filipinos will simply take sitting down abuses that tend to suppress this very foundation of our hard-earned democracy.
Filipinos may be patient and extremely tolerant as a people, and we may be broken down to our knees but we keep on standing; we can be threatened with a thousand deaths but we persist to exist; and we can be hurt to the hilt but we can never be silenced.
Those who wish ill of us can shove us into the darkest dark for all they want, but even darkness has eyes and we shall see through the deceptions, the oppressions, the lies and the maneuverings.”
Atty. Vic Rodriguez,
Chief of Staff and Spokesman of
Presidential frontrunner,
Bongbong Marcos

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