Twofold increase in passenger traffic from last year powers significant growth in aviation services and digital businesses

AirAsia Philippines registers 91% load factor, carried 1.6 million passengers

Capacity & Passenger Carried : 16.2 million seats & 14.2 million passengers
Total activated aircraft : 166 (operating and spare aircraft)
airasia Superapp average Monthly Active Users : 15 million
BigPay’s Carded Users : 1.41 million
Teleport’s Cargo moved : 45,250 tonnes
ADE’s No. base maintenance checks : 22 checks
Santan’s inflight products units sold : 4.8 million
GTR’s flights and Tonnage handled : 36,691 flights & 16,787 tonnes


KUALA LUMPUR, 1 August 2023 – Capital A Berhad (“Capital A” or the “Group”) has announced the operating statistics for its aviation, digital, logistics and aviation services segments for the Second Quarter of the Financial Year 2023 (“2Q2023”).

In 2Q2023, AirAsia Malaysia, AirAsia Thailand, AirAsia Indonesia and AirAsia Philippines (the “Consolidated Airlines[1]”) posted a healthy load factor of 88%, having carried 14.2 million passengers, almost double the number year-on-year (“YoY”). Across the group, 16.2 million seats were available, operated by 146 of the 166 activated aircraft. To date, the Consolidated Airlines have recovered 73% and 74% of 1H2019 capacity and passengers carried respectively. With the strong resurgence of travel demand, the group Available Seat Kilometres (“ASK”) grew to 18,989 million, improved 132% YoY and Revenue Passenger Kilometres (“RPK”) up by 146% YoY, recorded at 16,312 million.

During the quarter, the largest short-haul airline in the group, AirAsia Malaysia recorded a strong overall load factor of 87% reaching 6.4 million passengers. AirAsia Thailand, on the other hand, posted a load factor of 89% carrying 4.6 million passengers. While AirAsia Indonesia and AirAsia Philippines posted robust load factors at 84% and 91%, with passenger carried of 1.5 million and 1.6 million, respectively.

Throughout the 2Q2023, the domestic performance was incredibly strong and international market traffic remained buoyant with favourable load factor. In response to the robust international market demand, the group has reallocated more capacity to international routes to meet the strong resurgence from the international market.

MOVE (new name of airasia Digital, comprising airasia Superapp & BigPay)
airasia Superapp continued to gain strong momentum recording its highest quarterly average Monthly Active Users (“MAU”) of 15 million in 2Q2023, up 40% YoY. This led to a 102% YoY jump in the number of transactions at 7.9 million. The encouraging results indicate improved user engagement in the app, as the number of transactions rose more than two-fold compared to the average MAU on a yearly basis.

Gross Booking Value (“GBV”) has also improved notably by 110% YoY. The Travel vertical experienced a 9% improvement and the Delivers vertical saw a 5% increase, while Rewards and other businesses delivered close to 8% growth. These were largely attributed to Superapp Super Sale campaigns, free seats campaigns for AirAsia Flights and ongoing efforts to increase fleet drivers for airasia ride that improved completion rates, which resulted in a total of 2.6 million rides completed by June 2023.

BigPay’s carded users grew by 16% YoY reaching 1.4 million users. The Gross Transaction Value (“GTV”) also posted an upward trend, climbing 40% YoY driven by domestic transactions within the Payment and Remittance products.

Additionally, the Marketplace GTV grew by 32% YoY with the introduction of prepaid mobile top-ups, which enables users to top up directly through the BigPay app while earning airasia points which can be redeemed for services and products on airasia Superapp. The Lending segment that was launched in Malaysia in 1Q2022, grew 6% YoY. The managed growth of the Lending product is deliberate to ensure a stable and balanced risk-return profile.

Teleport continues to demonstrate robust performance, having moved 45,250 tonnes, up 105% YoY, driven by the increased cargo belly capacity from the return of international flights and increased utilisation. The delivery segment also showed strong uplift, delivering 4.9 million parcels in 2Q2023. The 321% YoY improvement showcases Teleport’s success to capture wallet share from key marketplaces, now served by a combination of dedicated freighter and flexible belly capacity that enhances Teleport’s ability to meet market requirements.

The 12 July 2023 was a momentous breakthrough for Teleport with the official induction of its first dedicated A321F aircraft named Awan, further strengthening its extensive air cargo network. The freighter’s inaugural flight took place on 17 July 2023, covering the Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching routes initially, with plans to expand internationally, starting with flights to Hong Kong in August.


Asia Digital Engineering
Asia Digital Engineering (“ADE”), the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) service provider in the region completed 22 base maintenance checks in 2Q2023, up from 12 checks conducted in the same period last year, due to the commencement of two additional maintenance lines in Senai. Line maintenance services also grew substantially by 179% YoY, of which 98% were from narrowbody aircraft and remaining 2% from widebody aircraft.


The Group’s inflight service provider, Santan recorded 4.8 million units sold in 2Q2023, up by 189% YoY. Among these, 98% were perishable and non-perishable food and beverages items, and the remaining 2% were duty-free and merchandise products. The surge in demand for inflight products is in line with the increase in flight frequencies and improved passenger traffic.

The ready-to-eat and frozen food segments saw a 16% QoQ decline in units sold. Consumer access to these products decreased during this period, as a result of the transition in ambient food distribution shifting to convenience stores. Meanwhile, the restaurant and cafe segment saw units sold rise by 18% QoQ benefiting from higher foot traffic.

Ground Team Red (GTR) – Associate Company
GTR, the affiliated ground handling services company, managed nearly 37,000 flights, (of which 94% were AirAsia branded) and handled 5.7 million passengers in 2Q2023. In addition, GTR managed 16,787 tonnes of cargo, up 39% YoY, aligned with additional belly capacity in the market due to the increased flight frequencies of domestic and international routes from the ongoing travel recovery.

Capital A Berhad Consolidated Airlines – Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines
2nd Quarter 2023 Operating Statistics

Capital A Berhad


Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Passengers Carried¹ 14,243,439 7,241,911 97%
Capacity² 16,240,174 8,833,442 84%
Load Factor (%)³ 88 82 6ppt
ASK (mil)⁴ 18,989 8,190 132%
RPK (mil)⁵ 16,312 6,641 146%
Number of stages⁶ 88,900 47,996 85%
Average stage length (km) 1,165 920 27%
Size of fleet at quarter end (aircraft)⁷ 210 213 -3
Operating aircraft at quarter end (aircraft) 146 90 56

Note: Inclusion of AirAsia Thailand (TAA) has been made to provide better comparability with the previous quarter


AirAsia Malaysia Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Passengers Carried¹ 6,446,264 3,848,837 67%
Capacity² 7,439,324 4,592,612 62%
Load Factor (%)³ 87 84 3ppt
ASK (mil)⁴ 8,817 4,661 89%
RPK (mil)⁵ 7,558 3,853 96%
Number of stages⁶ 40,385 24,557 64%
Average stage length (km) 1179 1,003 18%
Size of fleet at quarter end (aircraft)⁷ 102 105 -3
Operating aircraft at quarter end (aircraft) 66 45 21

Note: The fleet count excludes two (2) A320 aircraft leased to a third party airline


AirAsia Thailand Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Passengers Carried¹ 4,642,695 1,683,786 176%
Capacity² 5,193,614 2,240,490 132%
Load Factor (%)³ 89 75 14ppt
ASK (mil)⁴ 5,940 1,811 228%
RPK (mil)⁵ 5,148 1,363 278%
Number of stages⁶ 28,475 12,326 131%
Average stage length (km) 1139 809 41%
Size of fleet at quarter end (aircraft)⁷ 54 59 -5
Operating aircraft at quarter end (aircraft) 44 25 19



AirAsia Indonesia Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Passengers Carried¹ 1,521,021 714,761 113%
Capacity² 1,821,420 929,520 96%
Load Factor (%)³ 84 77 7ppt
ASK (mil)⁴ 2,611 1,072 144%
RPK (mil)⁵ 2,199 829 165%
Number of stages⁶ 10,119 5,164 96%
Average stage length (km) 1433 1,154 24%
Size of fleet at quarter end (aircraft)⁷ 29 25 4
Operating aircraft at quarter end (aircraft) 21 12 9



AirAsia Philippines Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Passengers Carried¹ 1,633,459 994,527 64%
Capacity² 1,785,816 1,070,820 67%
Load Factor (%)³ 91 93 -1ppt
ASK (mil)⁴ 1,621 646 151%
RPK (mil)⁵ 1,407 596 136%
Number of stages⁶ 9,921 5,949 67%
Average stage length (km) 908 603 51%
Size of fleet at quarter end (aircraft)⁷ 25 24 1
Operating aircraft at quarter end (aircraft) 15 8 7



  • Number of earned seats flown. Earned seats comprise seats sold to passengers (including no-shows)
  • Number of seats flown
  • Number of Passengers Carried as a percentage of Capacity
  • Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) measures an airline’s passenger capacity. Total seats flown multiplied by the number of kilometres flown
  • Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK) is a measure of the volume of passengers carried by the airline. Number of passengers multiplied by the number of kilometres these passengers have flown
  • Number of flights flown
  • Number of total aircraft at quarter end

Capital A Berhad’s Move businesses

2nd Quarter 2023 Operating Statistics

airasia Superapp & BigPay Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Monthly Active Users (MAU)(‘000)8 15,043 10,771 40%
No. of Transactions (‘000) 7,883 3,904 102%
Gross Booking Value (RM) (‘000) 3,383,300 1,614,493 110%
Carded Users (cumulative)9 1,414,013 1,216,902 16%

Capital A Berhad’s Logistics business.

2nd Quarter 2023 Operating Statistics

Teleport Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Tonnage (tonnes)10 45,250 22,133 104%
No. of Delivery (‘000)11 4,859  1,153 321%
Size of fleet at quarter end (freighter) 1 0 1

Note: Arrival of first freighter is in June 2023, commenced operation start in mid-July 2023

Capital A Berhad’s Aviation Services business

2nd Quarter 2023 Operating Statistics

Engineering Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
No. of hangar line 7 3 4
No. of base maintenance check 22 12 10
No. of line maintenance services 2,646 949 179%


Santan Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Inflight products12 4,849,598 1,676,544 189%
  Apr-Jun 2023 Jan-Mar 2023 Change
Ready-to-eat and frozen food13 62,087 74,019 -16%
Restaurant and cafe14 198,169 168,214 18%


Ground Team Red Apr-Jun 2023 Apr-Jun 2022 Change
Flights handled15 36,691 23,281 58%
Cargo handled (tonnes)16 16,787 12,092 39%


  • Number of unique users who visit a site within the month.
  • Number of users with an active card


  • Cargo capacity sold and utilized
  • Number of parcels sold and delivered

Aviation Services

  • Number of units sold for perishable and non-perishable food and beverages, duty free and merchandise products
  • Number of units sold for ambient food and frozen food
  • Number of units sold for food and beverages
  • Number of flights handled
  • Cargo handling in tones
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Statements included herein that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements. Such forward looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time. In the event such risks or uncertainties materialize, Capital A’s results could be materially affected. The risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, risks associated with the inherent uncertainty of airline travel, seasonality issues, volatile jet fuel prices, world terrorism, perceived safe destination for travel, Government regulation changes and approval, including but not limited to the expected landing rights into new destinations.

NOTE: The Communications and Public Affairs Group kindly requests for all media partners to follow the correct typography for the brand – for airline (AirAsia) spelled as one word with both As capitalized; and for non-airline (airasia Superapp) spelled as one word in lowercase.

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