Celebrate the Happiest Christmas with SM City CDO Uptown and experience the brightest star in the celestial constellation of Aquila.

The SM City CDO Uptown lit the 36-foot Christmas tree last October 28, 2023, and it is nothing but fun and sparkles that will bring you joy this season. Let your Christmas dreams take flight as we celebrate the brightest and most sparkling holiday! Gather the fam for a magical and dreamy experience at our Christmas Centerpiece!

The celebration this year highlights the story of hope and love, an experience that brings you the story of the Aquila Constellation and the 12th brightest star in the universe. Aquila was held to represent the eagle, which held Zeus’s thunderbolts in Greco-Roman mythology. The constellation is in the Milky Way, a starry river of wishes.

This season, we sparkle the City with magic and optimism of the Happiest SM Holidays. Just in front of the tree is a burst of light to convey the beauty of the brightest star in the constellation, Altair, the 12th brightest star in the sky.

The Sparkling Uptown Holiday begins, and the fun never stops. We invite everyone, families, and friends to feel the spirit of the yuletide season. From gift shopping and dining deals to the grandest Christmas centerpiece, SM City CDO Uptown has everything you need to make this the happiest time in #AWorldOfExperienceAtSM.

For event updates & inquiries, check out https://www.facebook.com/smcitycdouptown for exciting shopping deals this holiday season.


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