HEAD Something Enchanting This Way Comes: Live Out The Fantasy In A Memorable Day Of Music And Magic At The Fanverse In Enchanted Kingdom

“I would like to thank my fans,” and so goes most, if not all of the artists when it comes to the conversation of gratitude. True, talent is paramount, nothing is more magical than when the steady support system propels the source of expression into the consciousness of pop culture. From its early traces of diehard devotion in the stronghold of showbusiness to the modern iteration of the stan, as coined in the poetry of Mr. Marshall Mathers III (that’s Eminem to you), to the general public), the super fans have become the beating heart in the ecosystem of entertainment and in effect, an unparalleled force to be reckoned with.

Growing from casual curiosity to passionate preference, the stories of the superfans are all familiar, because while realized in varying degrees of dedication, we all are devotees of something or well, someone. Recognizing efforts that are nothing short of engaging and endearing, UMusic Philippines is taking a page from the success of its superfan convention in 2022, Fanverse. Reimagined as a fairytale come true, this is where the fans and stars will converge in a unique experience that is dusted with even more magic and music. On December 17, 2023, navigate the journey at the most magical place in the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom, where in a memorable swing of things, you get to live out your fantasies of hanging out with your absolute faves at the Fanverse fan fair.

Guided by Eldar The Wizard, one can have full access to all the one-of-a-kind activities lined up for Fanverse 2023 in Enchanted Kingdom. With a regular day pass with concert entry (P2000) and EKspress day pass with concert entry (P3000) one can have access to rides with your favorite artists for a limited time, a host of booths and games, meet and greets, busking sessions, a closet sale, and of course, a magical music festival. With artists such as juan karlos, Zild, Jayda, Janine Berdin, Blaster, Dionela, ONE CLICK STRAIGHT, VXON, G22, AJAA, Yes My Love, Elha Nympha, Cydel, Isang, Shane Bernabe, Daniel Paringit, CHNDTR, Chen, Gab Tagadtad, dia maté, with a special appearance from Zack Tabudlo, and more, it can definitely be said: the stars have aligned.

As fun and fantastic as it all sounds, UMusic Fanverse 2023 in Enchanted Kingdom is really a service to one that truly matters to these superstars—you. In this storybook, you are the main character where your imagined will no longer just be a wish that your heart makes from far, far away, but a dream come true.

Now, let your once upon a time begin.

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