SHERA: Revolutionizing Construction with Innovative, Sustainable, and High-Quality Prod-ucts

Mr. Veerasak Kittinanthakool – Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Anton Barreto, TV Host of Metro Home, and Mr. Thunnop Jumpasri, Country Head

SHERA has introduced a game-changing construction method that enhances efficiency and quality for residential and commercial buildings. As a leading brand in green innovative fiber cement products, SHERA has showcased its range of products at the recent Worldbex event in Manila, offering an array of solutions for ceiling, walling, and flooring applications.

SHERA’s products are renowned for their durability, water & fire resistance, fast-built and low maintenance requirements, making them an ideal choice for construction projects worldwide. At the Worldbex event, the company’s highlight products included the SHERA Deco Board, SHERA Wood Plank, SHERA Splendid Plank and Deline series, SHERA Strip, and SHERA Floor Plank. These innovative products feature embossed textures, mixed and matched grooving-line wall patterns, and ventilated ceiling and wall screening, offering the most exceptional product variety of any other fiber cement players in the market.

SHERA’s products conform to global green standards such as LEED, green labels, and carbon credit, emphasizing green sustainability. The company’s strong commitment to the Philippines market has led to the continuous launch of new products, aiming to solve customers’ pain points and enhance Filipinos’ better living through aesthetics and superior quality.

The opening ceremonies were graced by Mr. Thunnop Jumpasri, Country Head of SHERA Building Solution Philippines, and Mr. Isabelo Dingal, Head of Commercial, SHERA Building Solution Philippines Corp. Famous TV Host of Metro Home Mr. Anton Barreto also paid a visit to the booth.

Mr. Thunnop intends to make SHERA the leading brand in the Philippines offering more aesthetic architectural product solutions for ceiling, walling, and flooring applications serving all kinds of residential and commercial buildings, from mass-scale affordable to high-end premium segments.

Mr. Thunnop Jumpasri, Country Head, and Mr. Isabelo Dingal, Head of Commercial, SHERA Building Solution Philippines Corp.

SHERA’s vision for the next few years is to become the number one player in the industry, leveraging emerging technologies and innovative strategies to enhance its products and services, streamline operations, and expand the customer base to serve all kinds of residential and commercial buildings from mass-scale affordable to high-end premium segments.

“We believe that by staying ahead of the curve and continuously adapting to changing market dynamics, we can establish ourselves as the leader in our field. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality, value, and customer experience will be the driving force behind our success” Mr. Thunnop said.

“As a leading brand in building materials for residential and commercial use, SHERA plans to support architects, construction companies, and interior designers by providing seminars, training, and joining trade events to showcase our products,” Mr. Dingal shared.

Investing in SHERA building materials is a wise decision for anyone looking for long-lasting products. SHERA’s sustainable and high-quality products have received numerous awards, making them popular among builders, architects, and homeowners who are looking for eco-friendly building materials that require minimal upkeep and save time and money in the long run.

Experience the efficiency and quality that SHERA building materials can offer for your construction needs and be a part of the green revolution in the building and construction industry.

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