DAPAT umakto ang Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) bilang tagapagbantay ng electoral processes sa halip linlangin ang publiko.

Ganito pinuna ng TNTrio ang poll watcher organization dahil taliwas anila ang ginawa ng mga ito sa nakaraang 2022 elections.

“PPCRV is supposed to be the watchdog of our electoral processes. By making a statement that deceived the voting public they are supposed to protect, does not speak well of PPCRV,” bahagi ng post ng TNTrio sa kanilang FB page.

Reaksyon ito ng grupo sa naunang pahayag ng PPCRV na: “Internet service providers such as Globe and PLDT have confirmed that they use NAT and private IP addresses to provide connectivity to its customers. They also confirmed that they used NAT to provide connectivity for the VCMs for the transmission of Election Returns. Globe and PLDT’s confirmation of its use of NAT are attached.”

Ngunit sinabi ng TNTrio na hindi lamang umano nilinlang ng PPCRV ang kanilang mga volunteer kundi maging ang publiko.

“A Network Address Translation (NAT) is a technology used in computer networking to enable numerous devices on a Private network to share a SINGLE Public IP address when connecting to the internet. NAT plays a crucial role in conserving Public IPv4 addresses, as well as providing a level of security and flexibility in network design. This is what the telcos provide their customers,” pahayag ng TNTrio.

Ayon pa rito, “The Private network used in the 2022 Election did the OPPOSITE of what a NAT is supposed to do, which is ‘TO ENABLE NUMEROUS DEVICES IN A PRIVATE NETWORK TO SHARE A SINGLE PUBLIC IP ADDRESS’. Instead this illegal Private Network created by Smartmatic, which was kept secret to stakeholders, enabled thousands of VCMs ( 20,300 VCMs to be exact) already with Public IP addresses to share a SINGLE PRIVATE IP ADDRESS – This in itself is so illogical and has no purpose at all except to rig the election.”

Anila ang Globe at Smart ay hindi ibibigay ang 20,300 devices sa loob ng Private Network na may kaparehong Private IP Address.

“It was a single illegal device with IP Address created by Smartmatic, that intercepted thousands of Election Results (ERs) transmitted by VCMs, BEFORE relaying these to the COMELEC Transparency Server.

This is the classic definition of a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack done from within the Private Network. It was exposed a year after the election through the Raw Files uploaded into the COMELEC website,” pahayag pa ng TNTrio.


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