Are you looking for a reliable vehicle with all your business ideas in mind? Check out the upgraded features of the all-new Bajaj Maxima Z – “Ang BAGONG multi-purpose partner sa negosyo”:

New DASHBOARD | On the lookout for a sleek-looking dashboard? Look no further! The all-new Bajaj Maxima Z is equipped with SMART DASHBOARD DESIGN – indicators, speedometer, and odometer are integrated into a single control panel. Estimating your next gas refill is much easier due to a more accurate reading of the lighted fuel gauge indicator feature. The all-new Bajaj Maxima Z is both smart and efficient for your business!

New ENGINE | Lesser MAINTENANCE COST is what you will get with BETTER ENGINE PERFORMANCE, thanks to its single, bigger, and longer-sized spark plug! Through day-in and day-out diskarte, you’ll never go wrong with the excellent performance and cost efficiency of the all-new Bajaj Maxima Z!

New COLORWAY | With all the internal updates, here’s an externally pleasing upgrade – RED and GREEN colorway! More colors to choose from at the same price point of P234,888 SRP. Get a feel of the all-new Bajaj Maxima Z for as low as P25,000 downpayment! Click on this link: or visit our website at to check the nearest authorized dealer in your area.

Don’t miss our Bajaj Dagdag Kabuhayan raffle promo until May 31, 2024! What are you waiting for? Purchase your very own Bajaj three-wheeler now for a chance to win the Bajaj Maxima Cargo. Our second raffle draw will be held this coming May 8, 2024!


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