ICYMI: Finally, here’s something indulgent that is actually good for you

With the world now in full swing once again, there is so much to do and so many places you want to be. However, you often find yourself stuck in traffic, packed with back-to-back meetings, or sinking in piling deadlines and to-do lists. Moments like these make you want to just pause and maybe indulge yourself a bit with your go-to comfort food or happy drink. Thank goodness for Del Monte Juices – made with real fruity goodness to give you good vibes and positivity. With 14 delicious flavours made with the goodness of real fruits, you can enjoy your happy drink that is good for you. From the well-loved 100% Pineapple Juice to new refreshing flavours like Melon Cucumber, White Grape, you’re sure to find a new favorite for the day. Each flavor, while so refreshingly enjoyable, is packed with ingredients that is actually good for you. Del Monte Juices are so satisfyingly indulgent that you can consume it on its own or pair with your favorite meals or snacks.

Take your cue from Anne Curtis, Del Monte Juices’ newest ambassador. Anne squeezes in happy breaks during busy days by indulging in her favorite Del Monte Four Seasons Juice for instant good vibes. Every sip gives you goodness because Del Monte Juices come from real fruits with no additives and preservatives, leaving you feeling good inside and out.

And because this goodness is too good not to share, scan the QR code and see for yourself how Anne Curtis #GivesInToGoodness only with Del Monte Juices!


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