BingoPlus continues to show support for various forms of entertainment

BingoPlus, your comprehensive entertainment and amusement platform and the first online Bingo app in the country, continues to show support to local celebrations as it took part in the XentroMall Pinoy Fiesta Caravan event last March 18, 2024.

Flying all the way to Calapan City in Oriental Mindoro, BingoPlus made sure to bring enough entertainment for the event’s attendees and organizers. It had several banners set up around the fiesta area, including the activity area entrance, to let mall-goers know about the fun to be had.

An iconic BingoPlus booth also stood among the event’s other stalls, welcoming everyone to play a few games and take home some brand merchandise.

Visitors were given the additional treat of watching performances by artists brought in by BingoPlus. The stage featured LA Media Artists Lance Edward, Sandra Larsson, and PPop 3HSome’s JD Axie, Vincent Caringal, and Ferdie Francisco. Sandra Larsson doubled as the fiesta’s host alongside Madson, making sure to engage the audience between programs.

XentroMall Calapan is the third leg of the Pinoy Fiesta Caravan mall tour; the first one was held in XentroMall Antipolo on December 15, 2023, while the second one took place in XentroMall Malolos on February 9, 2024. The mall tour is scheduled to last until October in various XentroMall branches throughout the Philippines. Each leg of the tour focuses on gathering local groups to experience casual fun.

Much like BingoPlus, the Pinoy Fiesta Caravan mall tour aims to support the local entertainment scene and provide avenues for people to access it.

BingoPlus’ sponsorship comes from its belief that there is value in various forms of entertainment, regardless of scale and complexity. The brand understands the importance of even niche celebrations, especially to the communities that hold them.

In a similar vein, BingoPlus gave its all in supporting the event goers at the 4th Zamora Golf Cup held at the Wack-Wack Golf Course. The brand took part in the 4th Zamora Golf Cup as a show of its commitment to leisure and enjoyment activities of all types. It believes that fun can come from various sources and in different forms, leading it to work on expanding Philippine entertainment options.

Taking its role as a Platinum Sponsor seriously, BingoPlus provided Php 300,000 to the tournament winner. The brand views giving away this award as one way to acknowledge the effort contenders put into playing and competing, as well as to invest in the interest in and enjoyment of Golf among Filipinos.

BingoPlus also challenged players to a game of its own called the “Longest Drive Challenge” at Hole 13. The golfers were given the opportunity to rise to the occasion per flight; those with the longest drives were given BingoPlus-themed gift sets.

Everyone, from players to spectators, was given the additional fun of receiving BingoPlus freebies like fans, caps, and towels when they stopped by the brand’s booth.

As brands dedicated to the relaxation of Filipinos and the development of Philippine culture, ArenaPlus and BingoPlus remain steadfast in supporting local sports, entertainment, and leisure activities. They continue to work on developing avenues and opportunities to make leisure and sports more accessible and relevant to the Filipinos.

BingoPlus and ArenaPlus proudly stand as flagship brands under Digiplus Interactive Corp, solidifying its position as a leading gaming and leisure provider in the country. For more updates, visit and or download the apps now via the App Store and Google Play.


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