MMDA to Implement Traffic Adjustments at EDSA-Kamuning Amid Flyover Closure

Traffic adjustments will be implemented by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) at the EDSA-Kamuning area (southbound) following an inspection and traffic assessment today amid the flyover’s closure.
MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes said motorcycles will no longer be allowed on the EDSA-Kamuning service road starting tomorrow (Friday) but will instead be guided to take alternative routes such as Scout Borromeo, Panay Avenue, Mother Ignacia Avenue, and Scout Albano.
“This move is to lessen the traffic on Kamuning service road. All vehicles, including motorcycles, are urged to use the alternate routes,” said Artes, with Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Regional Director (NCR) Loreta Malaluan and other DPWH officials, and representatives from the Quezon City government.
During today’s inspection of the EDSA-Kamuning flyover, slow-moving traffic was observed on the service road.
Additional traffic enforcers will also be deployed to better manage and guide passing motorists and other road users. More directional and traffic signages will also be installed to guide them along identified alternate routes, said Artes.
Moreover, the agency will request the Department of Transportation (DOTr) for the Edsa carousel buses to utilize the service road daily from 11pm to ensure uninterrupted retrofitting works at the flyover.
Data from the MMDA Traffic Engineering Center showed that 24,000 four-wheeled vehicles and 23,000 motorcyles traverse the  southbound lanes of the flyover daily.
The agency, with QC LGU, will also continue its intensified clearing operations on Mabuhay Lanes and along other identified alternate routes to ensure they are passable.
“Barangay officials will help in clearing alternate routes and ensuring smooth traffic flow in the area,” said Artes.
Meanwhile, Malaluan said the retrofitting will be conducted round-the-clock aimed at strengthening the flyover to prepare it for potential earthquakes, or the “Big One.”
The southbound lane of the EDSA-Kamuning flyover has been partially closed since yesterday, May 1, for a much-needed six-month retrofitting and rehabilitation. Works take up two lanes of the flyover. The other remaining lane is being used exclusively for the EDSA busway.

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